Don’t Mess with the Lioness

Women are helpless. They are not capable of violence. If attacked, their best bet is to give up and hope that they won’t be killed. After all, men are always going to have an advantage. It’s genetic. Right? Are you kidding me? This is absolutely ridiculous, and yet it’s the kind of rhetoric that has been propagated by delusion victim-creators for hundreds of years.

I’m going to tell you something earth shattering. Women are capable of far greater violence then men, and when motivated, are the far more dangerous half of the species. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Picture this. You or your kids have managed to lose a tennis ball over the neighbour’s fence. No one is home, so you decide to quickly scoot over the fence and collect the errant equipment. As you lightly drop down on the other side, you hear an ominous growl and the unmistakable baritone bark of a German Shepherd. You look across the yard at the raised hackles, the trembling musculature and exposed teeth. Everything about this dog screams “RUN!” Now, in the split second you have to choose your next action, you remember your neighbour being excited about their new female addition to the family. Tell me, is the fact that this dog is a female of any consolation to you? Does your fear dissipate? When she barks again, do you say “Silly girl, you can’t hurt me!”

I didn’t think so!

The misconception that women are not capable of defending themselves is a hangover of the Victorian era when much of what is still considered “lady-like” was set down. However, human history dates back hundreds of thousands of years, and for much of that history, women have been just as capable of life or death self defence as their men. Genetically, we are nearly identical to our ancestors as far back as 10,000 years ago. All that has changed is the social conditioning and artificial limitations that have been placed upon women in particular.

If we look at the statistics of violence, you will see that men are responsible for up to 75% of violent crime. Yes, it is true that men are more prone to violence. Males in any species are generally far more territorial, competitive and willing to fight for social hierarchy. We see this today in the meaningless fights that break out over a stray look or misspoken word every Friday and Saturday night. Women are not nearly as likely to fight over the insignificant (although recent data indicates that this may be changing). Generally women have a better sense for their own self preservation than men do, and I’ll explain why that is shortly.

It is also true that with few exceptions, women have rarely been used on the frontline of conflict. Is this because they can’t fight; because they can’t wield a sword or fire a rifle? Absolutely not! There are a number of reasons why women were generally not used as combat troops throughout history, not the least of which being the conflict in emotions caused with mixed gender units – with studies shown men were more likely to deviate from mission objectives to protect a female colleague than a male colleague.

Perhaps the most significant reason for women being under-represented in violence and conflict statistics, however, is simply that women were too valuable to lose in battle. If we think back to tribal times, the picture becomes clearer. If our tribe consists of ten adult men and ten adult women, we can produce up to forty children over a three year period. If the men go to war with another tribe and four die, as long as there are still ten women the remaining six men can still produce the maximum forty children. However, if we were to lose four women in battle, the figure drops to just thirty children in the same three year period. In short, the survival and continuation of the tribe relies on healthy women. We can lose men and continue the bloodline, but we cannot do so without women. There is also a strong argument to suggest that this is why women have evolved to be less prone to violence over trivial matters. It is important to remember though, that this has nothing to do with capacity for violence.

So when do women fight? In nature, there is no more dangerous creature than a female protecting her young. The same is true for women. When a woman believes her child or family (either current, impending, or future) is in danger, they can access an incredible reserve of strength, stamina or ferocity. It is important to note that even a woman without children, on a biological level, is protecting the children she is yet to conceive. The genetics are there. The potential is there. The only thing missing is the permission to act.

The most important step a woman can make in the journey towards effective self defence is to give herself permission to “let go” and access those feral instincts. To give herself permission to harm her attacker. Permission to bite, gouge, rip, punch, tear and in short do whatever is necessary to save her life or that of her young. Tragically, while many women would have no problem doing this to protect their child, for some reason they cannot attach the same significance to their own lives. It is important to remember that your life and safety are not just your own. Everything that happens to you affects the lives of all those that love you, especially your children. Fight back, and fight back hard! You are capable of more than you know. A predatorial man is no match for a committed and terrified woman.

Are there things you can learn that will improve your effectiveness at fighting? Absolutely! But none of it will mean a thing if you don’t give yourself permission to act.

The artificial limitations traditionally placed upon women are just that; artificial. Access your primal instincts, believe that your life is worth fighting for, and let thousands of years of genetic design keep you alive. You have the power. Use it.

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