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The Managing Violence Podcast was launched in 2018 by violence prevention & management specialist, Joe Saunders. Having dedicated his working life to protecting the vulnerable and educating the world about the realities of violence, Joe established the Managing Violence Podcast as the preeminent destination for interviews with true global thought leaders in violence, threat assessment, personal security and self-protection – from the hard skills to the soft skills and everything in between. 

Since inception, the MVP has featured a who’s who of the self-defense and violence management world and more illustrious names are added to the (free!) archive every week. 

Managing Violence Podcast: #ForTheProtectors

Joe Saunders is a global thought leader in violence prevention and management, and heads up Australia’s leading workplace violence prevention practice, R2S Violence Prevention. In 2021, he was awarded the OSPA award for Outstanding Security Consultant of the Year for his work in creating the world’s first ISO 31000-aligned workplace violence prevention model.

He is an in demand keynote speaker due to his ability to communicate across silos – bringing together executive leadership teams, safety, security, human resources and other specialists to build a coordinated solution to the wicked problem of workplace violence.

While his practical experience is bolstered by postgraduate education in psychology, risk management and leadership, Joe credits his start in the industry to working in the private security industry. It was five years spent working as a full-time nightclub bouncer with ad hoc roles in close personal protection that first sparked a passion and curiosity for understanding and preventing violent behaviour.

You can read more about Joe’s time on the doors in his book, Neon Jungle: A Bouncer’s True Tales of Lessons, Laughs & Lacerations.

Joe has been a lifelong martial artist and combat sport enthusiast, racking up 27 state, national and international medals across five combat sports including judo, sumo, BJJ, sambo and belt-wrestling. 

He holds instructor/coaching certifications in the following systems:

  • Senshido
  • Krav Maga
  • Judo
  • Sumo
  • ISR Matrix
  • Defensive Tactics (PPCT, ASP, BodyCuff, Firearms, Tactical Self Defense)
  • Aggressive Behaviour Management for Healthcare

Joe lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and four young daughters.

"Joe Saunders is an outstanding man. He has dedicated his life to helping others find a better understanding of the violence that so pervades 21st century Earth. I personally believe that Joe's podcast is the best address in the world to visit, if you want to secure your safety by arming yourself with empirical understanding on the subject of managing physical violence or its potential."

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"This podcast with Joe Saunders might just be the best I've ever done. Great questions and a great host, brought out my personal best. I've done a lot of podcasts, and hope to do a lot more, but, for my money, Joe has set the standard. Hooah!"
"Joe Saunders is a fantastic interviewer, fun to talk to and also a hell of a writer."
"Now more than ever, rational conversation on difficult topics is important. I can’t recommend Joe’s podcast enough for that exact reason. It’s a go-to resource."
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