MVP84: Mark Mireles – LAPD veteran, 3 x Medal of Valor recipient

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Mark’s career reads like a 1980’s movie, starting off in the Marine Corps serving in the infantry as a rifleman to one of the most respected police officers and martial artists in Los Angeles. He’s also the author of several books and articles for magazines for Black Belt back in the day. He retired from the LAPD three years ago after three decades of sustained violence and hunting the worst of the worst in the way of criminals and violent anti-socials. He is the survivor of 5 gunfights and numerous other deadly force encounters.

He is currently the CEO of Critical Solutions Protective Services Group, a high-risk security, and investigations firm. I

n this interview we chat about high risk decision making, performance under stress, use-of-force considerations and the importance of being able to control someone physically without causing undue injury.



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