S3. Ep. 5: James Hamilton – Senior Vice President Gavin De Becker & Associates, former FBI special agent

James Hamilton is a senior vice president in charge of quality in protection for Gavin De Becker & Associates – the world renowned executive protection company in Los Angeles, California. He comes to GDBA with a 20+ year career in law enforcement specialising in training and protection.

Recruited from the FBI, James was the Special Agent selected to develop the Protection Course at the FBI Academy. His courses are currently taught to agents protecting the U.S. Attorney General and the Director of the FBI – and have been taught to protectors at the NSA, NYPD, and many other agencies. James also served as Personal Security Advisor for the Attorney General and the two most recent Directors of the FBI.

He is a Certified FBI Instructor in Firearms, Active Shooter, Tactical Skills, Emergency Driving, and SWAT Operations.

James was Team Leader and Manager for the FBI’s Overseas Survival Awareness Program, widely valued by officials and corporations working in high-risk areas.

Earlier in his career, he served four years on the Protection Team for the FBI Director. After 9/11, he was selected to create a Joint Terrorism Task Force.

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