S4. Ep 7: Paul Sharp on Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics

Paul Sharp is a career law enforcement officer with significant experience working in SWAT teams as well as prolonged under cover work in gang and drug task forces. During his 20 year career, he was also heavily involved in defensive tactics, firearms and use of force training at all levels. Beyond his law enforcement career, he is a highly regarded martial arts instructor – a BJJ black belt under Straight Blast Gym founder Matt Thornton, and 1/6th of the Shivworks Collective. Paul has been there and done that when it comes to applying martial arts to the real world, dealing with some of the baddest of bad guys.

In this conversation we talk about the evolution of law enforcement defensive tactics, how operational demands have to be factored into training, and how you go about learning to fight while inside a moving vehicle (yes, really!)

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