S6. Ep. 6: The Truth About Women’s Self Defense with Savannah Archambault

Savannah Archambault is a self-defence instructor and founder of SAVage Hybrid Combat Systems based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Growing up in a military family, Savannah always had an urge to protect her community and be of service. She eventually found her calling after stumbling across the legendary Kevin Secours and becoming an instructor in his system of self-defence. 

In this conversation we tackle some hard topics and provide a criminally under-represented view of what it’s like to be a female in a combatives class, the motivations and mindset for women entering these classes, and the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman who wants to teach self-defence. 

Savannah also shares openly about her experience of rape and sexual assault and the impact that has had on her and the way she teaches. 

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