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Managing Violence Podcast

The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to listen to this podcast. It is outstanding and will help you in your daily life.

Great podcast about avoiding violence and dealing with it when necessary.

Very informative and interesting. It covers all aspects of mindset and physical aspects related to being able to avoid, escape, deescalate, and fight.

Great Interviews

Joe has been able to recruit a who’s who of experts in the field of personal security. I am an American Krav Maga practitioner and have fount every interview to be interesting and informative.

Great Podcast

Found this podcast due to the interview with Rory Miller and stayed for the amazing content.

Not just a martial arts podcast

This podcast is good as! I’ve really enjoyed every minute of listening to Joe and his guests. As a Security Manager at a state-of-the-art museum in America, I’m a bit different a listener than most. I have combatives experience, I carry a gun, but my strategies revolve around conflict prevention an…

Excellent podcast

This is probably my favorite podcast. It covers violence in an open and honest manner as it relates to self defense. This topic is rarely if ever covered in the curriculum of martial arts schools, yet it is probably the most essential part of surviving a violent assault. This podcast should be requ…