Before the fight
Ever felt like your students need to know more about the “pre-fight stuff” but not sure how to teach it in a way that’s entertaining, engaging and with sufficient depth of knowledge?
Let Joe do it for you.
Joe spent the past two years in an active apprenticeship under the greatest minds in violence management and developing corporate violence management strategies with Risk 2 Solution, along with 15 years in practical violence management and 20+ years in martial arts.
Joe is available to take over your regular classes and/or teach full day seminars on his “Before the Fight” material.
Classes can cover anything from the list below including:
– Situational awareness
– Victim selection & target hardening
– Communication skills
– Controlling fear and adrenaline
– Training your intuition
– Understanding the law (Australia only)
– Making an escape
Rates are charged per 60 minute block and we’ll work with you to identify the content that will best serve your students.
$100 AUD / £55 GBP / $75 USD per hour
Travel (if required) is additional. Full-day or half-day seminars also available. Contact us for info.
Corporate or organisational training available domestically and internationally through Risk 2 Solution.
To enquire, email [email protected]