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MVP80: Fight Like Your Grandad – Shanghai School of Streetfighting with Tommy Joe Moore

Tommy Joe Moore returns to the podcast to talk Fairbairn and Sykes, WW2 combatives, the evolution of western martial arts, and his new book The Shanghai School of Streetfighting.
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MVP79: Lee Morrison Pt 2: Instructor Development and the Path to the Peaceful Warrior

In part two of my recent interview with Lee Morrison, we talk about his approach to instructor development and his new evolution “the Path to the Peaceful Warrior.”
*** Grab Joe’s book Neon Jungle: A Bouncer’s True Tales of Lessons, Laughs and Laceration…

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MVP78: Lee Morrison Pt 1: Becoming a Tier 1 Civilian

Lee Morrison is the founder of Urban Combatives, a legend of the self-protection industry, and someone Geoff Thompson refers to as a “self-protection God.” Lee returns to the podcast in this multi-part interview.
In Part 1 we discuss Lee’s Tier 1 Civilia…

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MVP77: Trauma, Recovery, Revenge? Interview with Psychotherapist Ellis Amdur

Ellis Amdur has worked in the field of crisis intervention since 1989. He has developed a range of training and consultation services, as well as a unique style of assessment and psychotherapy. These are based on a combination of phenomenological psychol…

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MVP76: Scenario Training: Riots, interrogations, courtrooms and more with Duncan Andrews

Duncan Andrews runs arguably the world’s finest and most comprehensive scenario-training programmes for self-protection enthusiasts. Everything from live situational awareness training, to combative application, then interrogation for government trained …

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MVP75: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Application with Lawrence Kane

Lawrence Kane is a prolific martial arts author with 20 books to his credit including titles on how to teach martial arts, how to survive real violence and the finer points of karate. In his most recent book, he has teamed up with Kris Wylder to dissect …

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MVP74: From selling drugs to the Hall of Fame – Willie Johnson’s story of redemption through martial arts

Willie “the Bam” Johnson is a Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame martial artist, a 7th degree black belt in karate and a 5th degree black belt in Wushu Kung Fu. However, his story started very differently.
Born in a poor neighbourhood to a disabled mother,…

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MVP73: Debi Steven – Gender Based Violence

My guest on episode 73 is Director of Actions Breaks Silence, Debi Steven. Debi is an experienced martial artist and martial business-woman with a passion for ending gender-based violence. She runs the amazing not-for-profit to equip women and girls with…

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MVP72: Mary Stevens – Protecting the Most Vulnerable Women in the World

“These girls live in the worst place in the world to be female.”

My guest on Episode 72 of the Managing Violence Podcast is Mary Stevens from the UK.

Mary began karate in 2003 at the late age of 31. Her son was being bullied so she enrolled him an…

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MVP71: LIVE with Richard Dimitri talking about Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do and personal evolution

In this interview, Rich and I dissect and react to Bruce Lee’s classic 1971 article “Liberate Yourself From Classical Karate” which was his JKD manifesto. We discuss Bruce’s immense impact on both our lives and the martial arts world as a whole, and the …

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