active shooter

MVP105: How to Stop Mass Killings with Mike Roche

In this episode I am joined by 40-year law enforcement officer and 26-year Secret Service veteran, Mike Roche. Mike is the author of Mass Killers: How you can identify workplace, school, or public killers before they strike 
In this interview we talk a…

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MVP96: Preventing Tragedy with Rick Shaw

Rick Shaw is the founder of Awareity, founder of First Preventers, leading Prevention Coach, author of The First Preventers Playbook, and trusted advisor to organization and community leaders. For 20+ years Rick has been researching failed preventions, p…

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MVP82: Staying ALIVE with Michael Julian

Michael Julian is the creator the A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training Program and CEO/President of MPS Security & Protection, providing corporate executive protection, threat and risk mitigation, and security. Michael is a graduate of the Executi…

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