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MVP76: Scenario Training: Riots, interrogations, courtrooms and more with Duncan Andrews

Duncan Andrews runs arguably the world’s finest and most comprehensive scenario-training programmes for self-protection enthusiasts. Everything from live situational awareness training, to combative application, then interrogation for government trained …

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MVP70: Lessons Learned from Two Years of Conversations with Leading Minds in Violence

In this special two-year anniversary episode, I break down the 21 key lessons I have taken from over 150 hours of conversation with the world’s leading experts in self-protection and violence management.

Make sure you check out this episode on our we…

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MVP65: Shaun O’Gorman – PTSD in Law Enforcement

It would be fair to say that Shaun has seen his fair share of violence and depravity throughout his life. In fact, more like many lives worth.
But it has not defined the man he has become today. Despite it trying its very best.
Shaun O’Gorman is a highly…

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S6. Ep. 8: Geoff Thompson – Transcending Violence

He’s the grandfather of modern self-defence. A legendary martial artist whose journey of self-discovery and self-destruction on the doors of Coventry nightclubs was documented in the paradigm shifting memoir, Watch My Back. His breakthrough training meth…

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S6. Ep. 2: Trauma Informed Self-Defense with Pamela Armitage

Pamela Armitage is not your typical self-defence instructor. She wasn’t a lifelong martial artist, a cop, a soldier, or anything of the sort. She was a dancer, a model, a sister, a daughter, and a yoga teacher. Through her own experiences, she developed …

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