MVP99: The Martial Art of Communication

In this interview I have a chance to share my take on modern conflict communication, verbal de-escalation, the importance of empathy, and why you should be training speaking as much (or more than) fighting.
Republished with permission from Finding the T…

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MVP68: Totti Karpela – Conflict Resolution and Verbal De-escalation from one of Europe’s leaders in threat assessment

“When you’re having an argument with an idiot, make sure he’s not doing the same”Totti Karpela is a security expert, former police officer and Director of Peace of Mind Threat Management, currently splitting his time between Helsinki and Hong Kong. H…

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MVP67: Who to trust? Secrets of Trust and Deception with Robin Dreeke

Ever wondered who to trust? How to verify whether your instincts about someone are correct? Robin Dreeke’s job after 9/11 was to recruit and catch spies for the US government as the Head of the FBI Counter-intelligence Behavioural Analysis Unit. He built…

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