MVP74: From selling drugs to the Hall of Fame – Willie Johnson’s story of redemption through martial arts

Willie “the Bam” Johnson is a Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame martial artist, a 7th degree black belt in karate and a 5th degree black belt in Wushu Kung Fu. However, his story started very differently.
Born in a poor neighbourhood to a disabled mother,…

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MVP68: Totti Karpela – Conflict Resolution and Verbal De-escalation from one of Europe’s leaders in threat assessment

“When you’re having an argument with an idiot, make sure he’s not doing the same”Totti Karpela is a security expert, former police officer and Director of Peace of Mind Threat Management, currently splitting his time between Helsinki and Hong Kong. H…

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MVP65: Shaun O’Gorman – PTSD in Law Enforcement

It would be fair to say that Shaun has seen his fair share of violence and depravity throughout his life. In fact, more like many lives worth.
But it has not defined the man he has become today. Despite it trying its very best.
Shaun O’Gorman is a highly…

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