MVP80: Fight Like Your Grandad – Shanghai School of Streetfighting with Tommy Joe Moore

Tommy Joe Moore returns to the podcast to talk Fairbairn and Sykes, WW2 combatives, the evolution of western martial arts, and his new book The Shanghai School of Streetfighting.
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MVP75: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Application with Lawrence Kane

Lawrence Kane is a prolific martial arts author with 20 books to his credit including titles on how to teach martial arts, how to survive real violence and the finer points of karate. In his most recent book, he has teamed up with Kris Wylder to dissect …

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MVP70: Lessons Learned from Two Years of Conversations with Leading Minds in Violence

In this special two-year anniversary episode, I break down the 21 key lessons I have taken from over 150 hours of conversation with the world’s leading experts in self-protection and violence management.

Make sure you check out this episode on our we…

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S6. Ep.9: Bartitsu with Tommy Joe Moore

Tommy Joe Moore is the founder of Bartitsu Lab as well as a lifelong boxer, judoka and martial arts enthusiast with background in both combat sport and reality-based self-defence.
In this conversation we talk about the European martial art of Bartitsu, m…

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