MVP78: Lee Morrison Pt 1: Becoming a Tier 1 Civilian

Lee Morrison is the founder of Urban Combatives, a legend of the self-protection industry, and someone Geoff Thompson refers to as a “self-protection God.” Lee returns to the podcast in this multi-part interview.
In Part 1 we discuss Lee’s Tier 1 Civilia…

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The Truth About Surviving Violence

There’s no denying that over the course of 15 years of working the frontlines of private security that I’ve experienced some violence and made it out the other side. I’ve been punched in the head, bottled from behind, coward punched, kicked in the nuts, had my head stomped on by several people at once, stabbed…

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Don’t Mess with the Lioness

Women are helpless. They are not capable of violence. If attacked, their best bet is to give up and hope that they won’t be killed. After all, men are always going to have an advantage. It’s genetic. Right? Are you kidding me? This is absolutely ridiculous, and yet it’s the kind of rhetoric that has…

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