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MVP106: Mary Stevens – Soft Skills in Violence Prevention & Management

Happy holidays!
I am joined once again by Mary Stevens, an accomplished martial arts instructor and also lead instructor at Violence Prevention & Management UK. Mary is a lifelong learner and incredible teacher, so I took the opportunity to pick her …

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MVP98: Domestic violence and abuse with Pamela Armitage

Pamela Armitage is the Chief Impact Officer at Study of Violence and an instructor with SAFE International. She has pioneered the trauma-informed self-defence movement and is a global thought leader in the evolution of violence management education.

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MVP92: Dr Tammy Yard-McCracken – #500Rising for Women’s Self Protection

Dr Tammy Yard-McCracken has  25+ years as a therapist working with survivors of violence, anxiety and PTSD. Wanting to do more to prevent trauma and build opportunity for resilience, Tammy became an instructor in Krav Maga and started a journey into self…

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MVP83: Asphalt Anthropology with Beverly Baker

Asphalt Anthropology was developed by urban explorer and self-defense instructor, Beverly Baker. The goal of Asphalt is to provide skills and counter fear so that people can navigate dense, public spaces with more freedom, joy and boldness.

A studen…

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MVP73: Debi Steven – Gender Based Violence

My guest on episode 73 is Director of Actions Breaks Silence, Debi Steven. Debi is an experienced martial artist and martial business-woman with a passion for ending gender-based violence. She runs the amazing not-for-profit to equip women and girls with…

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MVP72: Mary Stevens – Protecting the Most Vulnerable Women in the World

“These girls live in the worst place in the world to be female.”

My guest on Episode 72 of the Managing Violence Podcast is Mary Stevens from the UK.

Mary began karate in 2003 at the late age of 31. Her son was being bullied so she enrolled him an…

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MVP69: Randy King on Self-Defense for Regular People LIVE INTERVIEW!

What does self-defence look like if you’re not a NAVY SEAL COMMANDO NINJA SHIHAN DEATH KILLER?!
In this LIVE conversation with Randy King, we chat about what regular people need to know to keep safe, how Randy’s professional focus has shifted in this dir…

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S6. Ep. 6: The Truth About Women’s Self Defense with Savannah Archambault

Savannah Archambault is a self-defence instructor and founder of SAVage Hybrid Combat Systems based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Growing up in a military family, Savannah always had an urge to protect her community and be of service. She eventually found…

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S6. Ep. 2: Trauma Informed Self-Defense with Pamela Armitage

Pamela Armitage is not your typical self-defence instructor. She wasn’t a lifelong martial artist, a cop, a soldier, or anything of the sort. She was a dancer, a model, a sister, a daughter, and a yoga teacher. Through her own experiences, she developed …

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