Managing Violence 2022 International Tour

Joe Saunders Seminar Tour of the United Kingdom & Switzerland

Creator and host of the Managing Violence Podcast, Joe Saunders, will be conducting a seminar tour of the United Kingdom from March 25 until April 12, 2022.
Beyond creating the world’s leading violence management podcast, Joe is an expert in conflict management, verbal de-escalation, psychology of violence, scenario-based training and workplace violence prevention.
A lifelong martial artist, Joe also has instructor qualifications in Senshido, Kodokan Judo (specialising in combative applications), Sumo and several law enforcement defensive tactics systems.
He has represented Australia in the sports of Judo, Sumo and Belt-Wrestling, competing on four continents and collecting 27 state, national and international medals across five combat sports.
He is also the creator of Saunders Control & Restraint Tactics (SCAR Tactics), honed by years working nightclub doors and various protective details.
Excitingly, the UK tour will also play host to the first ever public Managing Violence Instructor Certification. More details on that will be released soon.
In the meantime, prospective hosts can download the document linked below for more information, or email [email protected] 


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